Pool Repair

Commercial & Residential

We pride our selves in quality pool service and repairs.  We offer swimming pool equipment repair services, maintenance and new equipment installation.

If you are in need of pool repair, please contact Tri City Pool Service at 480-829-9181.

DE (diatomaceous earth) Filter Cleaning

DE filters must be cleaned at least once a year. We completely disassemble the filter, clean and inspect each grid and reassemble the filter. Before, during and after pictures are taken. Failing to clean DE filters can cause an increase amount of algae or worse turn your pool green.

Cartridge Filter Cleaning

Cartridge filters must be cleaned at least twice a year. It is very important to clean cartridge filters to keep your equipment operating it’s best. Failing to clean cartridge filters can cause an increase in algae or worse turn your pool green. Before and after pictures are taken.

Pool Pumps | Repair and New Installation

Keep your pool equipment running strong and efficiently with a new pump or replacement motor.  We do new installation and pool pump repairs.

Acid Wash | Chlorine Wash | Tile Clean

Your pool generally only needs an acid-washing every five to seven years if you regularly treat and maintain the water in it.

The only way to rid your pool of green or mustard algae is to get a chlorine wash (also called a chlorine rinse).

Our industry-leading, eco-friendly pool tile cleaning system allows us to safely clean pool tile and remove stubborn pool calcium deposits from pebble-tec, fountains, rock and stone without the use of dangerous chemicals, harsh pumice stone or damaging glass bead blasting!for a free quote.

Pool Lights - LED and Color Changing

Do you have an outdated white incandescent light in your pool burning 300-500 watts per hour? You should upgrade to a cost efficient color changing LED pool light with energy saving of over 80%. Contact us for more details.

Salt Water Pool Conversions

No more buying chlorine – A salt system manufactures natural chlorine. That means no more buying chlorine tablets, shock or liquid chlorine!

No more manually adding chlorine – On a salt system you dial in your chlorine production and that is it. This is a major benefit over traditional chlorine where you have to make sure to add your chlorine to the pool each week and if you forget or go on vacation then you are faced with issues.

No chlorine smell, red eyes or itchy skin – The negative effects of chlorine like the chlorine smell, red eyes and itchy skin are all due to chloramines. The chlorine that is produced by a salt pool does not have chloramines. This means all of these traditional side effects of chlorine are eliminated. This is the reason why many people who swim in a salt pool think that it is a non-chlorine pool.Call us today for a free quote.

Heaters | Repair and New Installation

Swim year round in a heated pool.  We do new installation and repairs.


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