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How long should I run the pool filter?

We recommend running the pool filter at least 8 hours a day in the summer time. We also recommend running the pool at least 3 hours during the day. It does make a difference. Pools in Arizona are giant hot tubs in the summer time and can develop algae quickly. Circulating the pool during the day helps keep your pool looking good.

How soon can I swim after shocking a pool?

The safest thing to do is wait 24 hours. It may be ok to swim within a few hours. When you shock a pool always turn on the pool filter.

Why is it a good idea to brush a pool?

Brushing a pool is very important! Brushing the vertical parts of your pool and the steps are important because it loosens up particles, dirt, algae etc. and helps the filter remove it. We recommend turning on the pool while brushing and circulate the water for 1-3 hours afterwards.

How often should a sand filter be backwashed?

Sand filters should be backwash at least one time a month. If the water is cloudy we recommend backwashing weekly till the water clears up. Commercial pool filters should be backwashed weekly.

How often does the sand need changed?

We recommend changing the sand at least every 5 years for residential pools. For commercial pools the sand should be changed every 3 years.

How often should a DE filter be backwashed?

DE filters should be backwash at least one time a month.

How often do DE filters need cleaned?

DE filters should be cleaned at least one time a year. DE filters should be completely torn down, grids cleaned and inspected. It may be a good idea to do it twice a year.

After I backwash and add DE it goes into the pool. What does that mean?

When DE goes into the pool it means one or more of the grids have failed. It could also mean the manifold is damaged and or cracked.

How much DE do I add?

It is very important to add the correct amount of DE. Adding too much or too little can result in damage to the filter.

How often should Cartridge filters need cleaned?

Cartridge filters should be cleaned at least twice a year.

My pool is green. What do I do?

Green pools are very difficult to turn blue again. Many times there is an equipment failure. So tossing in a bunch of chlorine may not do the trick.  Contact Tri City Pool Service and we’ll get your green pool back to blue in no time!

How much shock do I add?

More is not always better. You may need to use an algaecide or phosphate remover.

Are salt pools less expensive to operate?

When you take in account the upfront costs of a salt pool they are not less expensive.

Are salt pools better?

We believe salt pools are better, but it depends on who you ask. Salt pools are less likely to turn green and they are much nicer to swim in.

Salt pools are more difficult to take care of compared to chlorine pools. Although salt pools are less likely to turn green it is very important to maintain low calcium (hardness) levels and low phosphate levels. The salt cell must be inspecting and cleaning monthly. The salt cell will fail prematurely if the water chemistry and equipment is not maintained correctly. We recommend hiring us to service your pool if you have a salt pool.

How much does it cost to convert a pool to salt?

Please give us a call for a free quote.

How often should a salt cell be cleaned?

Salt cells should be inspected and cleaned at least once a month.

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